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The Machinists-Exchange Online is here to provide the most complete source of information and vendor communication for Machinists and the Machine Tool Industry. The highly competitive nature of the industry requires machinists and shop operators to constantly hone technical skills and methods. The ability to go to a single source to meet daily challenges of employment opportunities, education, compensation, supplies, technology updates and generally keeping a finger on the pulse of the industry. We pledge to be responsive to all areas of interest of the membership. We will always encourage your comments on the site and its services.

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Web Services

We provide Web services in the form of site development and design, domain registration, site hosting, commercial store fronts, electronic commere custom notification services and site consultation. All members will receive a discount  on these services.

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Advertising and Sponsorships

We offer many different modes of advertising and sponsorship.
Coupled with banner and button creation services, click through and traffic reporting;
we are making it easy for you to get on board and know what you are getting.

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Permission Marketing

The Machinists-Exchange provides opportunities to business organizations to gain better coverage of their products to our growing membership. We provide your information to interested customers via our Permission Marketing System. Member/Subscribers only receive the information they request and providers receive truly interested customers.



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