The "Machinist Toolbox 2000 "

Users of previous versions  can  to version 2000  now for only $25

"Utility Software For Today's Machinists"

Speeds and Feeds, Trig Functions, Shop Charts and More!

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$50 plus $5 handling!   ---   $40 to Machinists Exchange Members
The Machinist ToolBox is a True 32-bit Program for Windows95 and WindowsNT  !

The Machinist ToolBox comes with a CUSTOMIZABLE material library for calculating speeds and feeds. Speed and Feed calculations are available for Milling, Turning, Drilling and Tapping with High Speed Steel and Carbide tools. 


"Machinist ToolBox" includes all these useful trigonometric functions: Drill Tip Comp, Sine Plate, Oblique and Right Triangle Solvers, Bolt Circle Calculator and Polygon Calculator.



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