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CNC West Magazine Articles, Industry News, Editorial and More
Daves Math Tables Good Trig Resource.
Engineering Information Inc Your Engineering Data Place
Home Shop Machining Club These boys are having fun!
Industrial Press Many good books for the machining ilk.
Lindsey Books Many Great Technical Books!
Metalworking.com Lots of Good Links and Information
Metal Web News An other great rec.crafts.metalworking archive(?)
MIT Machine Shop An other place for the appretice
Modern Machine Shop Magazine A Fantastic Site!
MTU ME and EM (?) Environmentally Conscious Machining !?
National Tooling and Machining Association They did it up brown here…
Steamers Home Page Man has this guy been busy!
The Metalworking FAQ and Compendium Gleaned From the rec.crafts.metalworking Newsgroup… A real barn burner!
USA Machining Basics DEEP SITE!!!!! Great Reference for the Beginner
Village Press Many Interesting Pubs...